What is 'Ping Or Pong ?!'

'Ping Or Pong ?!' is a nonprofit, grassroots game developer community. Our goal is, to make it as easy as possible for every kind of game interested person to join and contribute ideas, man power and fun to the community :)

we want everybody to join and create stuff for the community. So the 'we' is actually 'YOU' :D

This is a hub that can help these game develop endeavours.

  • We collect all kind of events in our super awesome robo-assisted calendar.
  • We like and support everything game related. Game Jams, Game Parties, Game concerts, Cosplaying, Discussion, Fairs, etc pp.
  • We also kickstart events that need people, material or even .. funding. Together we are stronger :)
  • We have social media robots information to everybody. Twitter, instagram, etc
  • The community itself shall be a game. Let's try to invent achievements and challenges for eachother to fullfil :)